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revilatiun – dark truth lyrics


[verse 1]
you gon be tromatise, generational curses
only time she love is when you unbraking the birkins
and when you find out it’s making you break in the percs
because you not making it certain
let me brake the cursive
if i cut you off
that’s means you was holding me back or faking it
they made you fantasize don’t even know who god or satan is
dying over pride don’t even know your goals or maintenance
gotta make my brothers eat that’s really what a patron is
for freedom, it’s important to listen
life is about the chosе you make
the money making you diffеrent
question everything, don’t trust a soul
stay open minded about everything you do or say, it’s all missive

(it’s all missive)
uuuooo, uuuooo

[verse 2]
try to know yourself, the hype and ego really mess you up
critics tryna press you up
and tryna make you less a what you thought you was
wasting it to fill another’s fantasy
like you ain’t feeling like a man to me
like what?
feeling like the man up in the class on till you graduate
starting up the oven but they busy tryna grab the cake
stressing like i had debates
you think the music easy but i had to wait
dealing with the preacher on my back i had to drag the weight
they call me lucifer
you’d think it’s evil, the way the truth incurs
while you in the coupe to swerve
i’m with your mrs call her marilyn the way i poof the skirt
if you don’t get the words recoup the verse
shooting sky’s like i’m nuking birds
yeah, yeah
it’s a new journey you you know
more riches