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rich homie quan – cartel lyrics


como te llamas?, me llamo quan
my mexican plug don’t know where i’m from
he got white, he got c-ke, he got everythin’
he don’t fight, he just shoot, and k!ll everythin’
they don’t move until he give orders
this another story, watch your -ss call the border
he got shooter on the roof and got some under water
if i don’t come back with his loot then my -ss in trouble
i’mma call smokin’ goon cause that nigga my brother
i don’t like that jail fool, cause that shit feel like rubber
better watch out for these dudes, most of ’em undercover
we done did a lot of moves, now we plotin’ on others
a lot of us ain’t have food so we came out the gutter
get mad, pull out a tool out straight on your mother
i sad we coolin’, slash that – boolin’
got a nigga mouth wide open like he droolin’, ugh
hundred thousand dollar worth of coochie
and i got a new b-tch who just wanna screw me, ugh
i don’t even really want her booty
i just wanna get in your bed and oochie coochie
i don’t know what it is, but somebody, can’t move my finger
hunnid cases got a nigga foamin’ by the mouth
i know that she caught me cheatin’
baby, please don’t leave me, is there any way we can talk it out?
i say, i’m all about the dream like johnny depp
i pulled up on your ting, but you wasn’t there
balmain jean jacket, bye money clout
lake wood marathon, i would run there
better take care of my mama, ‘fore you catch a slug in your stomach