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rich homie(rich kidd harris) – if you ever lyrics


if you thought
the rich homie would
ever stop going in
i, tell my daddy things
i don’t even tell my friends
he understand me
more than ones who pretend
i, been rapping for a few years
stopped when i lost the ambition
now i’m back at it again
i was 5 when my grandpa died
now i think back one what got him k!lled
i then made a hunned thousand
now i’m tryna get me a mil
started of in them trenches
now a penthouse in the hills
and the crazy thing is
how can you take your lover?
but my grandma did it and she was shameless
lost a big part of my life
i swear i was gang banging
in the streets with them thangs on me
my own bloodline they changed on me
and i swear if you ever thought
my head i was maintaining
think again


if you ever thought rich kidd was broke??
if you ever wondered why rich homie heart so cold??
keep dreaming
cause i got secrets
take em’ to my grave
i got intentions to make it
will never say that i can’t
even though them folks
got me feeling like a slave
hey hey hey heeeey!!


i was overlooked when i was young
“kidd this your opprotunity”
i know i can make it out the slums
add up my digits
look at the sum
i want a $1,000,000
i want them dollars
i want millions on millions
i want commas on commas
add up them llamas for my mamma
put you to sleep like pajamas
grandma had cancer
and the drama caused trauma
if you ever thought i didn’t cry
i cry whenever i feel like dieing inside
stayed down for the come up
so pressure i apply
graduated from baby numbers
i added it up
talking bout stride
i strive
to be the best
in my eyes
i try
i get tounge tied talking to a hatur
i never rely
on another man
we start shooting shots in the air
like the fourth of july