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rick ross – maybach music 2 lyrics


(feat. t-pain, kanye west, lil wayne)

realest sh-t i ever wrote, chillin’ in my maybach
whatever i sing now homie i’m a maybach
can you believe that? who
you gotta see it
’cause i don’t plan on going broke, put that on my maybach
’cause i’m in it to win, you all n-gg-rs can’t take that
listen to my maybach music, to my maybach music

[kanye west]
martin, louiee the king junior
startin’ all that stunti’ is gonna ruin ya
b i was a lie, he probably had a two-tone
with the great p–p on, anything that ye p–p on
will explode, ’cause i am the sh-t and this is my kamol
oh oh that it go
talkin’ ’bout how your boys clothes extra tight
i just remembered that my lime light extra bright
i hit the strip club as girls get extra hype
you hit the strip club and girls turn extra dyk-
we know who not gettin’ no s-x tonight
and a lap dance will probably be a blessin’ right
so all this sh-t you talkin’ dead, coffin
like the weed coffin
new crib: lofton
where is that? austin
where is that? texas
what’s in front: benzes
what else? lexus
well whose maybach is this? mr. west’s


[rick ross]
kush burn like controlium
crib need custodians
shades in all shades
b’s made of rodium
used to be the – smoke
hoe’s call it – low
now i got so many horses b-tches call me polo
57, 62
tell me how you wanna move
yeah you know i got them both
beat your -ss black and blue
i was barely gettin’ pretty women
now i scoop any winners like kitty litter
any winner fended denim like a slender n-gg-r
lookin’ in the mirror i can see the real contender
sellin’ reeffer even gregory i’m on my dinner
so what the f-ck are you tellin’ me other than your gender?
i’m a boss and i ride them like a small vogue
n-gg-rs make you wheels and ride them until they fall off
yeah, ross


[lil’ wayne]
all black maybach, i’m sittin’ in the -sshole
cl-ssy as a mother still gutter as a bad ball
benjamin franklin on ex how that cash roll
that’s right, them mills do like damp clothes
i eat your meal too, we don’t feel you
and we be strappin’ up like the navy seal do
sweet as banana split everytime i peel through
fresher than will smith and uncle phil too
watchin’ tv in the maybach in traffic
i’m on my feet like tough actin’ ten actin’
i’m runnin’ this sh-t, you should try tacklin’
lil’ wayne in one word: immaculate

you see the big, you see the jay, the 2pac in him

the kurt cobain and andre three stacks then i’m back to doing sh-t like i do
sing maybach music