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ricky skaggs – blue night lyrics


blue night i got you on my mind
blue night i can’t keep from crying
you met someone that was new
you quit someone that you knew was true
blue night i got you on my mind.

blue night blue as i can be
i don’t know what’ll become of me
where we used to walk i walk alone
with an aching heart because my love is gone
blue night blue as i can be.

blue night ’cause i’m all alone
i used to call you on the telephone
i used to call and it made you glad
now i call and it makes you mad
blue night ’cause i’m all alone.

blue night all by myself
since you put me on that shelf
there’s just one thing that you must know
you’re gonna reap just what you sow
blue night, all by myself.

blue night, all by myself…