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riff raff – pork sliders freestyle lyrics


[intro: riff raff]
yo, they put the top up today, i don’t feel like talking. [?]

[verse 1: riff raff]
top up, cause i don’t feel like talking much
slept on so much they thought i was a mattress
white allen ivy, m-th-rf-ck a practice
rock so much ice, i’m a hat trick
candy cranberry on the cutl-ss
ties black magic
i beg your pardon in an aston martin
candycorned to neiman marcus
before i park it, i spark one
i just p-ssed your pardon
matter fact i just crashed my aston martin
so i don’t have to park it
you beefing on a wednesday
i’m a vegetarian
eating pork sliders on a sunday
my muslim homies roll the windows down
so they don’t have to smell the aroma
peep my persona
i paid for the gas
sh-t, i paid for the jag
autographed the paper tag
you can have it back
a uber car, i’m a superstar
i got cocaine on my door jam
cocaine on my door jam
i just served eight grams in a traffic jam
i’m the chosen one
i roll a blunt and push 4 ounce of smoke into my lungs
‘sace lungs, i’ll point it out
smoke pouring out my mouth
i’m a fire dragon
robbing, jeans sagging
i’m bin laden
i been had ’em
i been did that
i drive two cars, and both cadillacs
my feet on the roof