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riflex – hate me now lyrics


verse one:
for a moment it was easy for me not to care
she was gorgeous, it got harder for me not to stare
girl was looking like she knew exactly what to wear
the situation getting tricky, she ain’t playing fair
(good god!)
outa my mind, man i’m out my mind
what’s your motive? outta line, girl thats outta line
now we in the parking lot
kissing, touching body parts
flesh done threw some flaming darts
who can understand the heart?
this is what being simple minded do to you?
blinded by the lies peeping through my mortal view
she’s in control, and she’s tainting all my morals too
less of me, lord i’m really needed more of you
flesh is weak, lord i call on you!
this can’t be happening, girl i ain’t your groom
a l-sting eye, sinning hand, man i gotta prune
set me free, i’m just tryna get back to my room
fruit of the spirit, sew a seed, and watch the flowers bloom

verse two:
thinking back on what i did you should hate me now
thinking back on what i did and i hate me now
thinking back on what i did, man this ain’t me. wow!
looking back and i’m like someone please just tell me how
someone please just tell me how
a brother gotta stay pure
pretty girls, good girls? man i can’t be sure
like can i get a text from rogerick?
look! oh man, she’s acting naughty
sovereign lord have someone call me
need a way out from this folly
it’s ungodly
laying there, laying in her bed
man it’s xs and os running all up in my head
joseph run!
i should have been got up and fled
the the simple minded perishes instead
thats what the word said