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rkz – are you down lyrics


[verse 1: rkz]

let me say what i mean, what the word is?
why you wanna be so perfect?
i gotta go dumb for a minute
cause i really wanna make you go nuts let me tell you, i’ma
break down when the beat does (beat does)
something on my mind like a free verse
(reverb), put it on my voice let it be heard
i don’t even make sense when the beats nuts!
take it back one time for the cynics
let ’em revel in their thoughts ’til i come with a deep verse
make it sound like i’m f-cking their mind, one time
rewind, in line for the rebirth..
renegade, never left just slept for a bit while other mcs try be me
but i make rhymes, sing top lines, little guy never needed a co-sign


are you down?
to believe what you need, isn’t true?
tell the world, what you feel, what they think about you
i’m saying that we’re here to remain
and i swear whatever they will say will never change
and now you know..

[verse 2: rkz]

bring that, bring that, bring that, bring that
bring that motherf-cker, let me duppy it
tryna get my jay-z catting on, like all these hypocrites
they say they original but they don’t know what different is
so i’ll get my dude to send me this
cause i will f-cks with it, but back to the real me
i did a thing where i ran with my eyes closed
i know on a side note
it was dumb and naïve to believe i’d achieve in a industry of…
(f-ck ’em!)
go and watch me, i ain’t on sb
i’m at rkzuk, come get me!
i’mma realist to know that i roll stone cold in my own lane
and we already know who i am!


[verse 3: rkz]

they needing me
what you saying, though?
i did this here, and it’s so cold
when i rhyme i align my time
with a tongue-tied-flow-double-time, cause i’m
just feeling terribly comfortable in this lane of (lane of)
that flow so shameless (shameless)
that dude stayed nameless (nameless)
buzzing contagious (hate us)
hate me? outrageous!
let it be dude, look at my crew..
there’s no one here: me x2!
did you see through, all the bullsh-t?
did you catch my name? don’t lose it!