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robby drew – assembly line lyrics


[verse 1]
hittin the commute
my life is feeling mute
i’m stuck in this pipe like a mothaf-ckin flute
chopped up like prosciutt’
throw me in some pasta
trying to add some spice in ya life like rasta
hit the lirr
i can’t afford to drive my car
would be workin at a bar
but my job’s got benefits
my life ain’t eggs and benedict
i’ve lost a lot of friends and shit
all for this f-ckin pension shit
watch me craft my penmanship, yeah, yeah
every day’s the same routine
hop up off the train and leave
workin at a desk
you think you’re better than the rest
but you got shit up on your chest
spent your savings on a suit
hoping one day you’ll get the boot

as i sit and look at life from an angle that’s obtuse
i notice mothaf-ckers have a few screws loose
they taking the abuse and it’s proof that they’re shattered
they do the same shit like their life doesn’t matter
ladies and gentlemen line up for the -ssembly
same shit different day those people i don’t envy
their lives and feeling empty and i’m sensing desperation
but their jobs are secure that’s why they full of hesitation

[verse 2]
maybe i’m just hatin
that i didn’t land a basic
9-5 job right when i graduated
i debated
got my series 7 to flip some stocks
shit was just as cold as kettle 1 on the rocks
filling up my metro
i was feeling special
every day i’d make myself a cup of espresso
i knew from the get-go
that this shit wasn’t me
standing on the phone all day long
not my cup of tea
took my degree
and i put it in the shredder
started feeling better
they call me rap’s salt and pepper
sodium and spice
mix it in ya life
when you chase ya p-ssion you don’t care about the price