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robin packalen – another lover´s gone lyrics


i fake a smile and say i’m fine
i know i should have seen the signs
but i loved you i was blind
pretendin’ we were only k!llin’ time
a white lie
never thought we’d say goodbye
i thought love of our kind
could turn water into wine but i’m…

on my own
tryin’ to get a hold of things
what a mess i’m in
i’ve done wrong
that is why my baby’s gone
i got myself to blame
here i am
lonely and broken again
i keep holdin’ on
another lover’s gone

i’m gettin’ tired, another try
another failure to reach the sky
but i’ll always keep on lookin’ for
somebody to be standin’ by my side
for miss right
for what makes humanity divine
but i can’t seem to find
someone to love for life so i’m…

on my own…

love is not an easy game
when you’re gamblin’ with your heart at stake
there’s nothing to gain if you’re playin’ safe
barely time to heal before you brake
i hope and pray
i got what it takes to make it all the way

on my own…