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rocky badd – vindictive lyrics


look, who holding my city down, you can’t name no one else
post a flier for a show, then i came by myself
f-ck n-gg-s thought, i don’t hang with the help
i ain’t ask for this sh-t, i played the hand i was dealt
you said i’m motivation, right? you look goofy as sh-t
just a cute, broke b-m, chain icy and sh-t
truth (?) is, but where the same clothes twice in them sh-ts
but you winning, touching this chicken dog
who writing ’em sh-t?
i swear they p-ssy and they frauds, i ain’t liking this sh-t
i’m big b, yo big homie, i ain’t fighting and sh-t
put this pole down your throat, like i’m piping this b-tch
when i rhyme, i’m sn-tching souls, b-tches quiet as sh-t
i guess these n-gg-s heard i’m single, okay now they trying to f-ck
i make b-tches put it up, cause if they don’t, they getting touched
now this straight (?) up from the bottom, i ain’t really come from much
i made b-tches leveled up, but make them pick that metal up

’cause it’s the real, b, b-tch
who with this rap sh-t, that’s me, b-tch
i’m a westside legend, that’s queen sh-t
you ain’t jumped off the porch, you ain’t seen sh-t

yo, even when i’m on chill, anyway i stand out
how b-tches so tough, whole time, head down?
shouldn’t have said my name, i got the upper hand now
you was shook when i seen you, i gave you a p-ss now
how the f-ck a b-tch gon’ mimic, then flex, claim she up next
talk the “shoot em up, bang!” but, ain’t did sh-t yet?
not with n-body, you don’t really be on sh-t
you don’t fly down no blocks, you don’t pop at no b-tch
it ain’t even real beef, y’all just some internet hoes
i’m the same one who told you, joe should buy your -ss some clothes
when i seen you, i seen “hoe” (?), would i f-ck your n-gg-? no!
lil b, i’m grown as f-ck, my p-ssy fatter than your nose
when i seen you was froze
you ain’t even have a chain on, should’ve cheesed neck your -ss
and told you, “quit it with the lame songs!”
b-tch, i ain’t no bully, these b-tches know they can’t get to me
that b-tch no she can’t whoop to me, (?)
before you had a name, you was all on my d-ck
kept posting me and my b-tch, i was posing with that stick
then you got some fame, and started copying my sh-t
people think you made a wave, but you just copied off my sh-t
you don’t do this rap sh-t mami, you just wanna following
it’s facts that i made you, you should’ve tried modeling
these bars light as f-ck, i gotta a lot of sh-t that’s bottled in
talking numbers like you nicki, but it’s only kids that’s following

when sh-t get real, y’all make calls and say it’s over
been the same b-tch, who used to post up on the corner
off the club off patron, probably standing on the sofa
pay for what, lil b?, (?)
you ain’t even from the road, better try that sh-t again
and your fans think you got it, why you lie to them again?
wanna keep it strictly music, imma body her again
all these fake tough pages, i know it’s probably her again
joseph told me, “rocky, you the coldest in the city!”
so why the f-ck you trying to make your artist go against me?
you probably write her sh-t, but them guns, you can’t convince me
listen, you are not a shooter, you ain’t never load a semi
you ain’t got enough muscles for the draco not to kick back
lil bald head b-tch, i know you scared to get your wig sn-tched
banging on a (?), lil hoe, i wouldn’t have did that
you ain’t ’bout it if that address ain’t exactly where you live at
i tried being nice, but imma tear your -ss apart
on my mama you was scared, and see, i really got a heart
i know n-gg-s geeking you, you could’ve played it smart
but now i gotta shether you and really make it hard

this rap filled with corny n-gg-s, i ain’t gotta lie
so when my n-gg-s done rapping, i ain’t really got a lot (?)
you do it for an image, you ain’t really on the block
that sh-t so disrespectful, b-tch i really did a lot
you rapping like you ’bout it, when we clearly know you not
lil b-tch i hold weight, i swear to chris you can get dropped
type the b-tch to drop a gun, and can’t even run up spot
she so grown, but when i hoe her, n-gg-s acting like she not

’cause it’s the real, b, b-tch
who with this rap sh-t, me, b-tch
i’m a westside legend, that’s queen sh-t
you ain’t jump off the porch, you ain’t seen sh-t