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rome hero foxes – lost in a room lyrics


lost in a room, laying on the floor
patience unconscious
will you ever learn? no
boi, what did i tell you?
love makes you a dead fool
and i keep losing my cool
can’t you see that i’m hurting too

i guess i found the person you’ve been missing
but that ain’t me it’s someone else you’re kissing
is there someone else you’re kissing?

and even when she says i’m feeling lonely
i try my best to make sure you still want me
cause i don’t even know if this is healthy
no matter what i say you never trust a single word that’s re-ssuring

and when i say i love her, she’s still upset now
and when i get frustrated, she says please calm down
but how could i not care at all when everything i say to you is wrong
i’m always wrong

chelsea are you there?
chelsea are you there?
forgive me, i was scared
chelsea wasn’t there