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rook1e – breathe slow lyrics


if you find the one you should never give her up
i think it’s the way life changes when in love, yea
i surround my soul with the positivity
that’s why i don’t worry bout the things that i dont see, yea
these days i don’t worry bout much
i think we should have some more fun
i still dream about the days when we were young
i’ll take a hit and still finish and [?], yea yea
oh ×4
memory lane isnt that too far away from our [?], yea yea
the ones we keep close, we should never let go so tell me who you love, baby
take a moment to unwind things yourself and realign yourself with the world, baby
breathe slow, baby, yea oo
you should breathe slow ×10
breathe slooow, oo