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rora – endings to beginnings lyrics


i can never feel right:< baby is it over? reminiscing abt all our times does tht make us closer r u alr? baby r u online now the+now the guilt is placed n weighing on my shoulders ive been sticking wit my rough times:} n its been feelin awful:{ is it something tht i get is it something idk b+tch im callin one last time yea i said i knew she wouldn't show now its raining onto my head i kinda knew i wouldn't go my days on repeat im stuck n ik.. i get away frm all ts smoke i blow but here i am im frozen my+my life is gone but i chose it down down i go stuck & alone words tht ik kept my head low nodding frm all thse feelings thoughts frm in my mind ur stealing but b+tch im ouuta luck taking all the air im brеathin a+a+and im done w/ my whole past.. its a memory+ my friеnds turned into enemies:/ somethin i could never b onna+onna daily, guess i did change now they hate me.. y u oppin in my way? goin back is not tha same! throwing shade right to my face some things js won't ever change