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rose polenzani – bad dreams lyrics


i thought it was raining
but it’s only the ac
running in courtyard

i wasn’t complaining
i only raise an eyebrow
when i’m feeling shot down

or i…

take a stick to me
kick me till i fall
swollen under my skin
i am far…far…far…far…

on the playground i am
the only one at recess
lying on the asphalt

my mother would die if
she knew i did this
to myself

don’t tell her
don’t tell her
i’m alright
she knows i’m
her smartest child

i’m down again
my foot is on my head
i black, i black
i blue and i red
i’m down
and she won’t let you touch her
anyone could see she’s gone inside
she won’t let you love her
n0body could make her open
wide enough
wide enough
wide enough

i search for my place
and climbing out of bed
i make a little too much noise

when i walk alone
it’s easy to pretend
i never had a problem

and i try to rest
but all i get is
bad dreams
bad dreams
bad dreams
kick me till i fall

when i wake alone
it’s easy to forget
i ever had a problem