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roshacs – elements lyrics


[verse 1]
i toxicated the game like it was bane
inhaled these g-sses like propane
can hear the fame slowly summoning my name
frame of thought of mr.wayne, name engraved upon my grave
your struggle could be the ocean frankly you gotta surf the wave
now, let me spread through your body like lotion feel the motion
my race and this cluture is strongly out of proportion
thoughts corrode you like erosions, g’s and exes alwasy function
lava flowing through your veins, just experienced my erruption
listen, this game’s a root to which im seeds
beat got me feeling like im free
while you chasing your degree
ill spit verses redifining the purpose persued by eve
now im bouta disperse a verse observe these words
as we all inverse the first fully immersed constructed verse from the diverse collective
repaved the road for renegades
incinerate you like cocaine
manipulate the fade as my words desintegrate

you got food for thought homie i’ll eat your thots for food
usually diplomatic but now on a different mood
tell me ’bout the collective there’s nothing to say they’re savages
won’t calculate the mean but’ll let you know that you’re average

[verse 2]
gime the mic, i’ll never p-ss it like my ap test
add up luis and roshacs it’ll equal just a bigger mess
im hannibal, and for these beats yes i’m a canibal
one by one compet-tors die affected like dominoes
you driving the lane of music with no liscence
like lambs i’ll leave you in silence
tryna master the course y’all watch me rising
without realising you’re approving what i predicted
you’re steering with an adult in your side, your creativity’s restricted
thats why im flowing, i mean someones gota do it
you go from zero to a hundred i go from solid to gas then fluid
is it 1947 cause this microphone i blew it
hear you talking about drugs and guns like what the f-ck are you doing
im just a venemous element far from your comprehension
to luis now two dimensions im on stage one that’s ascencion
now let me grab your attention trust me i’ll teach you a lesson
sike, this ain’t no physics cl-ss please stop measuring my tension and i’m gone