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royalty – i don’t care lyrics




back for more

should i even state who i am any more

f-ck it


i never knew what i wanted to do when i was 2
but by 13 it came to me now i see i knew this wanted to do, keep listening

(verse 1)

okay, first of all i’m going personal these verbal, surgical words will go terminal, and turn irreversible, worse than all, with more p-ssed at me than a urinal
eh sorry if i seemed to offended you
not, i can approve
i’m in my best spot now i’m lending you a shot but no i’m not your friend dude
so we ain’t smoking pot
or acting like were gonna too
you’re thinking oh no
not another rapper
the last thing we need is another f-ckin actor
but i’m new, different and bringing some kinda laughter
but at other times a nuke not a reactor
no royal is real to the core
rap about dealing with ch0r-s instead of “feeling the wh0r-s”
before your ears sore
i’m not revealing encore
until the fact you appreciate not keeping you bored
but really my thoughts just seem too clouded
my brain is shot but i feel like i’m shouting
i keep lost and need re-routing
if i stop i can keep sprouting
it’s like a demonic hostile in that corpse air
inhaling product into your lungs like warfare
appalled at the call when you heard that you weren’t there
and the reason drugs were appealing, you’re sure fair
a habit that i can’t drop yet
an addict if i manage to process
contracting, instead planing the cost is
my life more importantly
how will i stop this
with music, just push through it, my way of summarizing events using
my head it’s therapeutic
and now confused with
what i wanna do is choose this elusive way uselessness
like no ones wanting this
the worlds already seen many artists
but i’m different let’s get this started
a spitter without a target
a dumbf-ck in literature
now that’s r-t-rded but…


b-tch i don’t care
but if i don’t care
that’s it i don’t care
i don’t care any more(x4)

(verse 2)

i don’t care anymore
and truthfully i swear a lot more
spare a spot for
me cuz lately i’m locked on the floor
if i could go back to just stop this before
i started being high
confine the demon inside
my oh my what i mean is
i was a normal guy
and sorta high
but now i’m borderline
f-cked in the mind
trapped in, how will i get outside
snap back to reality
your thoughts are a fallacy
thinking out of this world in another galaxy
it’s your royal majesty
leading through tragedy
you better listen to me cause this is exactly
what will turn your life around
it’s not a question, because the answers already found
rock bottom, basically on zero ground
so get back on your feet
we’re not standing around
life it’s gifted
mines been shifted
it’s about showing your lyrics
and what comes with it
making songs people love showing an image that’s fake as f-ck
and we all know i won’t play with it
i’m too real for this
build up my courage
flip my life in a hurry
and the tracks i still murder sh-t
but the appeal is
flashy purses, actual worship
over the pure-ness of pure chicks that don’t have spirit to learn sh-t
listen education is something i can’t excel in
but i can write these verses for days if they were sellin
it’s not like i’m trying to start a rebellion
i’m h-ll sent spit these words
till i’m at my eldest, still


b-tch i don’t care
but if i don’t care
that’s it i don’t care
i don’t care any more(x4)

(verse 3)

i’m so over that sh-t nope
over dramatic i’m so close to being old feel like i’m overreacting
like im sober how’d that happened
it didn’t, i feel fantastic
a rock and roll superstar like lenny kravitz
i wasn’t prepared for this
with two sl-ts before hand
i was scared to hit
these stupid b-tches with a bare hand i’m aware it’s
a crime but in your land so is g-y marriages
to 2 faced americans
hate me cuz i’m such a f-ckin -ssh0l-
ill duck a l-sso
and tie it around the neck of ab-soul
little rascal acting like he’s livin life in a castle
long term mentality in acid capsules
like who isn’t in hollywood these days
it’s like the goal in life is to move to the big states
where the whole country sits in one place
i’ll bomb the whole f-ckin race and start this on a clean slate
till i’m the face
of this whole hip hop industry
i respect the death of big and pac and what they’ve given me
and everyone in this sea
hard knock kingly ministry, meaning everyone wants to be best in the vicinity
y’all ask why i say the sh-t i say it’s to get you’re attention to play the sh-t i play
it’s him baby
resembles slim shady
cuz hes white and spits tight and the mans a bit crazy
but i’m different lately
don’t know em, kim or amy
the only thing i do know is releasing on the daily
so don’t expect me behaving until you expect to hall of fame me
only with time i’ll put fame in the hall that takes me


b-tch i don’t care
but if i don’t care
that’s it i don’t care
i don’t care any more (x2)

(hook 2)

but maybe id care
but n0body’s there
hate me i don’t care
i don’t care like before
to get me to care
is a blessing i don’t share
so if you get me there
i still don’t care now i’m bored



what was you expecting

©royalty 2014