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royalty – knockout lyrics



i’m still here f-ckers
don’t forget about me
it’s kinda hard
from where i’m standing
don’t look far
i’m not hiding mother f-ckers come get me


now i see the whole world see through the sky
see through the facts, seen the through lies
been in this alone since day one 365
why do i got everyone’s back if no ones f-cking got mine


it’s royalty
soon you’ll see
there’s n0body
who’s doing me

(verse 1)

what’s that what’s this new sound
you can’t hear the one listen now
up high but y’all be looking down
we’ll raise expectations cause lately i’ve been around
no one gives a f-ck
that’s right no one gives a f-ck
you’re gonna knock me out ha
maybe i’ll give one up
i’m so sick of this
like sh-t it churns my gut
and if mama said knock you out then (what!)
i haven’t lost a round since i was a kid
with my brother beating down
i’ve come to this
until you came around i’ve been resting it
you’re not scared, well come now i’ll show you a b-tch
cause when i’m mad
f-ck am i mad
the animals out and you don’t wanna meet his wrath
go switch the path
change the way you act
cause i ain’t backing down to sh-t when it comes to that
now i ain’t down to go to prison but i kinda like the well living
stop b-tchin’
get a f-cking prescription to listen you deaf f-cks
if you don’t get it
then get this
f-ck off or i’ll come find you
i’m not kidding i know where you ride to
where your ride sits and the house that hides you
i’m just waiting for a moment then it’s bye you



(verse 2)

okay no ones really do me
oops i lied i’m fluently getting food to eat
but still the only one who’s really doing me
and still the only one who’s true you’ll see
it’s like everyone’s afraid to be themselves
“where’s the real you? f-ck you need some help”
i can’t believe how people lose themselves
stop the f-cking act you’re not cool as well
big tough guy
i’ll break your f-cking neck
and make you regret, every sentence you’ve ever said
see things change when you wind up in bed
but the next one you’re in will be closed and you’ll be dead
no one understands me
they look at me sideways
head turned like f-ck, i’ve been trying for five days
maybe it’s just the way they look at me
i’d say, just stay wide awake when i play
cause i’m not losing who i really am
everything you choose then just builds a plan
a life for you to lead
and the reasons you’re called a man
but if it’s not really you, how will you understand?
and lately been lacking limitless
writers block got me whack, with no differences
never left but i’m back and my mission is still vision less
but envision this i’m on the tip of this..
pen pushing past pinnacle
you p-ssies don’t play
unless you’re not in alone
i put it on paper to provide a centrefold
i’ll stand alone till i’m old and can’t stand on my own


we ain’t changing for nothing
at least i’m not
stay true

©royalty 2014