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royce da 5’9″ – she’s the one (feat. eminem) lyrics


slim shady
any n-gg- wit guns, we got guns too
more heated, ready to outgun you
it’s too late i already outgunned you
you was around, you know the outcome too
let’s play, lemme show you what game is
heartbreak, i’m showin’ you what pain is
please, i’m reppin’ a ‘d’ homeboy
where your guns, you steppin’ to me homeboy
royce five-nine’s the name, n-gg-z know
and n-gg-z know, dealin’ wit me n-gg-z know
ayyo toots, how you get here, you wanna ride
i got a five in southside, you wanna drive
beside, i ain’t got no five, you gold-digger
you wanna suga-daddy, go get you an old n-gg-
i got money, i’m just here to bug you girl
can’t get none, but you know i love you girl
she the one that wanna ride hot whips, huh
same one that ain’t really got sh-t, huh
she want her hair done, then get her nails done
go to fifth ave, just to shop for shanell, huh
she the one that ain’t really got sh-t, huh
the little b-tch that really aint got t-ts, huh
f-ckin sl-t with a chest enhanced,
wouldn’t dance if you aint pay for her br–sts implants
anybody wit knives, we got knives too
more sharp, and ready to outslice you
about 5 dudes, waitin outside for you
and what’s inside is coming outside you
get me drunk, and i’ll drink anything you can think
wattup miss. b-tch
(yo what’s up with the ring, you married?)
sh-t, i’m still mingling, b-tch
i just wanted to scream, this is the only finger that’s it
wattup with you, you married?
(naww, i’m divorced)
of course you are, you little f-ckin trailer park wh-r-