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rubik – l o w s lyrics


verse 1

eyes low, what you think we smoke hoe
all this pain got me addicted like a nympho
to the girls that we could never sing for
count ya blessings, and never pledge a fifth though
at the square, getting on my ochocinco
for this life yea you can not be fearful
chasing plateaus, ride with our feet low
all my problems, cloud as this thick smoke
see the world through my eyes its a rigged show
watch us do it all with no links though
buy some water for my neck its a fish bowl
like the demons met the gods what a sick flow
need sedation, couple n- on the ride
we a nation
my life, own race, so im pacing
we gone be the best, never caving

verse 2

need sedation, couple n- on the ride
we a nation
only two seats on the ride, i and baby
moving side to side on the lanes, past the 80
we are, who we say we are
table of blueprints to make it in the 26
with women lost my focus
now im on a soul trip
chasing dreams with an opus
i need me a chauffeur
to drive till the wheels fall off
sammy sosa
its pagne when we toast up
all the visions kept alive by the ego
i believe so i won’t ever let go
at the venues full of fans as we k!ll shows
so god bless us all
may we see it all
going live through a song


off the dome
sipping stormy off the styrofoam
i got problems
all my angels left demons home
made choices
see the bad ones leave you all alone