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russ lyrics lyrics


[verse 1]
i’ve handed out two hundred thousand dollars to my family
and my friends don’t tell me i don’t care
i put in work, free time is rare
i know my worth, my food is shared
if you saw dirt then you’ll be there
to see the perks of millionaires
i distribute inspiration for the low, mm
i treat you how you treat yourself, you just a hoe, uh
i took a break from you, i’m seeing sh-t clearly now, uh
b-tch i’m me, i could never let you near me now, uh
i’m in europe with my family crossing countries like a track star
my wallet is a travelex with a black card
i been doing this, i been true to this
i been producing my career and bugus’s
i remember when my life wasn’t like this
but i always sorta saw it coming, b-tch i’m psychic
i remember always droppin’ beats and gettin’ ten plays
ten year flashbacks are feelin’ like ten days
d-mn, my numbers raised quick
they used to treat me like a lil’ what a name a sh-t
i can’t f-ck the same chick for too long, i need options
i let you put a spell on me like emma watson
i’m out in auckland, f-ckin’ with the kiwis
i got a barber in new york, call him tiki
i got a couple b-tches down by peach street
tell them read the writin’ on the wall like graffiti
i be sellin’ out two in the same night
i came a long way, i used to have stage fright
that was back when me and boom was doing college shows
up at uga getting paid next to nada though
six deep in the volvo or the avalon
we smokin’ cookie but we do not f-ck with tag-alongs
everybody pulls their weight in the huddle
b-tches thinkin’ their unique because they say my name is russell, whoa
you didn’t want me ’til i got poppin’
which means you probably wouldn’t want me if i stop poppin’
gettin’ mailbox money like -ssists from john stockton
that’s [?]
travel nonstop and it’s city new city
same day ones, ain’t got no one new with me, uh
couple new women i been addin’ to the roster
couple new digits they been addin’ to the offers
rap’s new father got a few more kids
broke rappers you should learn what a two court is
i got a catalog that’s, more vast than the ocean
i’m good everywhere, got a p-ss like i’m open
i’m grabbin’ the golden, globe for the role
that i’m playin’ in my movie that i filmed myself
if your girl feels me it’s ‘cus i feel myself
if i woke up as you i would k!ll myself

[verse 2]
less rushin’, more trustin’ in the process
i’m screamin’ out less p-ssy, more progress
you should talk less and do more, homie
you were hot, but now you real lukewarm, homie
these are new times, you could see my two eyes
and tell that i was born to be different, i’m in dubai
and i’m like, sixteen deep, that’s what you get
when you paint sixteens over sistine beats
for like sixteen weeks in a row, times six
that’s like ninety six songs, if you don’t know my sh-t
i’m a question if you even follow hip hop
you probably follow magazines and what they think’s hot
d-ck riders, politicians in plain clothes
everyone in rap use the same beat and same flow, uh
you’re asleep, but your city’s awake
hate it or love it is what i’m bumpin’ makin’ fifty a state
plus the buzz gettin’ bigger than fifty estate
private jet coast to coast cost me fifty a way, whoa
haters lookin’ for some validation
i know you mad ‘cus my life is your imagination, what’s that
women in bundles every city that i move through
i bring in more money for your city than you do
the money’s cool but the life is more glorious
i came in clutch for my family, robert horry sh-t
i hope the people take the time to read my story, it’s
a real page-turner, bob seger i need forty hits
before i turn thirty, uh
that’s a goal of mine
a two-hour singalong, d-mn
that’s a show of mine
i know the grind, i know myself, that’s why you know me, uh
i got it jumpin’ in australia like a joey, uh
just havin’ talent ain’t enough to succeed
‘cus self-belief beats talent when talent doesn’t believe
that’s how i did it, that’s my advice if i had to give it
this is confidence, consistency and intrinsic
motivation to be great, one-uppin’ myself
no one made me a plate, i made somethin’ myself
man i f-ck with myself, i don’t give a f-ck what you think, uh
i’m the one, i don’t do the number two thing
or three thing or four thing
everything i say is newsworthy keep reporting
everything i wear is camera worthy keep recording
i don’t chase money, i am not jp morgan
flex i’m up here, it’s really really important

[verse 3]
ridin’ round with all these bands like a tour bus
i’m pullin’ in a couple million every four months
people want to see you get, ’til you get it
then you talk ’bout how you got it, then the same ones get offended
make your mind up, are you a hater or supporter?
you either love to see my shine or you don’t, no kinda sorta
my employee is myself, this is boss talk
they hang my pictures ’round the city, like a lost dog
i’m in the uae, f-ck currency exchange, i got usd
i make your b-tch tapout like ufc
muhf-cker i’m the plug like usb
i keep a couple trojans on me like usc
i’m way bigger than my body like a 2x tee
and i don’t text you first, b-tch you text me
i am not the one for you to try and u-s-e
i’m jordan before the bullsh-t like unc
bringing hits from atlanta like “who’s greg street?”
half a billion spins later, i’m the new greg street, whoa
we ‘gon let it lie

[verse 4]
i’m doing everything i told you i would
f-ck you if you didn’t believe until i showed you i could
‘cus now it’s too late, everyday i’m in a new state
the boss is supposed to eat, who cares
show me what your crew makes ‘cus
milan just put some diamonds in his presi’ though
i wanted this at seventeen but wasn’t ready though
shout out the universe for knowing more than i do, uh
shout out the moms who were hoein’ back in high school
that’s condescending in case you didn’t catch the tone, uh
p-ssin’ tests yes i’m weaving past the cones
watch me parallel park in the top spot
before i popped, all the ladies been gaga
this ain’t the peak but i’m proud i made it this high up
went platinum with no samples, just synthesizers
and some drums too, i’m the one-two
i’m the reason that your boyfriend rocks a bun too
and there go sauce, let me drip drip drip drip drip
got an album will it hit hit hit hit hit
little sauce, let me drip drip drip drip drip
got an album full of hit hit, let me tell you somethin, uh
they love you more when you coming up
the strugg- i’m done hahaha