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rxmin – marissa lyrics


[verse 1: rxmin]
marissa, marissa, will miss ya. death and alone, inside my home
never looked at the light, ima vampire, ima suck yo blood b+tch, got xanax now we ain’t playing sh+t, marissa said she can pull me out of my nightmares. f+ck yeah! (marissa)

[verse 2: d0nrx]
ok, what? wait what bars? oh yeah, i forgot, lil b+tch gotta lie, seeing her fall down to the sky, see me amen, feel like a warden, never got tired of her p+ssy, f+cking b+tch got lots of sh+t goin on, got her laying on me i kinda felt like a scarf, (ay) call me until ten, (ay) sh+t being done (ay) say we got don. (yeah)

[verse bridge: rxmin]
yeah, call me to get some wine, sh+t, i forgot the time, i ain’t lyin’, tryna find ya, i am lost, give me head, f+ck yeah, losing my mind yeah got a bl++dy knife, so cold, so bold, laughing with don, now we got sh+t done, foldin’ them up (yeah yeah)

marissa, marrisa, will miss ya