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ryan kyle – butter fingers lyrics


spend most of my life in a cold sweat/
don’t wanna grow old yet/
oops it’s too late/
on the mic i’m too great/
turned down by my dream so i start to lose faith/
my face red but i’m burning hotter than blue flame/
go on a date and i’m shaking like loose change/
really want her/
i’m a home run hitter no bunter/
but the fear gets a hold/
then the tears start to mold/
not near sighted/
but dear i’m frightened of what i see/
so i’m lighting up this tree/
throwing that fish right back to the sea/
i’m actually on top of my sh+t for once/
haven’t smoked blunts in so long/
focus in the salt shaker/
keeping my self alive like a pacemaker/
wait say a prayer for them/
dear lord i f+cked them up/
trust in the support of the truss/
holding up a beam/
if i am i then what are we?/
you don’t real you’re young until you’re not/
life is just a claw machine i put the coin right in the slot/
f+ck a point there isn’t one/
caramel i’m drizzling/
little rum, little cola/
always was a pearl roller/
don’t realize you’re young until your not/
you don’t realize you’re young until your not/
sometimes i feel a little off/
don’t see the years until they’re gone/
til’ there gone/