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ryan @ryangottheheat – stepping on shit lyrics


we steppin on sh+t
we hitting them l!cks
yo girly wanna take some pics
we might as well make a fl!ck
while we in this b+tch
got that red on the bottom
dont hit no gang signs or
show you got that gaup
or we finna drop em
but if this sh+t get to clapping
no cop can stop em
you jus front em
we jus hog em down
and we run em
what’s your shoe size b+tch
kuz i want em
you got that time
that watch ain’t yours no more
pretend i bought em
if you go calling
b+tch we p+wn em
i got them big homies
you want some beef
we pull up on em
if you talk bout my nighas, family or set
then b+tch we got some problems
you dont want this heat
we’ll grill yo ass well done like some meat
keep this sh+t on fleek
got yo girl both knees
i’ll stand over you ass bou you better start praying or asking please
you quick to run yo mouth what the f+ck you smoke
i’ll hang yo ass in this sh+t like a coat
you false as f+ck you a joke