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ryan scott oliver – a ball of gold in a blood sky lyrics


what do you make of that
a ball of gold in a blood sky?
do you see beauty there
a gloried light at the edge of night?
or do i confuse despair
too privileged now to care
oh, this belief-k!lling country!
have i forgotten the ones who died today?
who’s to say

what do you make of them
the ones who live on the outside?
are they the lucid few
who fathom past lies that we hold fast?
it’s hard to like what they do
frightened they’ll break our glue
my whole life i’ve known the answers
but now, the jury’s hung
and every vote has been swung
and the truth…
it’s on the tip of my tongue

so what i really want to know is
oh, that ball of gold in the blood sky fading
almost gone
can’t you ask this question for me?

what do you make of us?
i have this hope that we matter
all things have consequences
that we should fight and defend this right
yet, something shouts we’re all fools
dying in beds and schools
the planet’s spinning for nothing
and that golden ball is now a blot
and you know what i think?

…i forgot