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rydxr – yakuza lyrics


when the night falls
with the raindrops
we be moving like a f-cking black ops
we be moving silent
and mane you know we be f-cking violent
on dat suzuki we be moving through valleys
shine of the blade
i have no fate
nothing to lose and mane i be abusing
soul full of hate
better be waiting mane we’re never late
visions of dead all around
we’re on the way you can hear the sound
of the tyres
our network around with the f-ckin wires
we’re never tired
getting thangs cleal like a f-ckin tide


we be the click and we feelin’ like yakuza
we feelin’ like yakuza

whole body covered with signs
we be da knights and we have no lies
mane my flag gonna rise
we no remorse
we no regrets
we be see everything we be watching yo’ back
never watching back
stay for the street
katana shine i be blessin’ da beat
asian shawtys dancin’ all round
snow up da summer all round
kush be all round
poppin da e to da sound