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randy stonehill – counterfeit king lyrics

counterfeit king in a garden that he stole
he’s the outlaw with the diamonds in his eyes
like an angel of light
he’ll seduce your wandering soul
he’s a master of the beautiful disguise

he has reaped what he’s sown in his fatal act of pride
and he tumbles down like lightning from the sky
and his only desire
is to brand us just like him
for in loving our own lives
we’re doomed to die
we’re doomed to die

now we’re all out on a tightrope
too proud to think we’ll fall
you can choose the freedom of god’s love
or laugh and lose it all

so beware of the words
that he’ll whisper to your heart
for he’ll burn you
with his twisted tongue of fire

and the song that he sings
it’s like poison to the soul
he’s the counterfeit king and he’s a liar
he’s just a liar
a beautiful liar

he’s a beautiful liar
he’s a beautiful liar
beautiful liar

- randy stonehill lyrics

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