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ray charles – understanding lyrics

– understanding is the best thing in the world,
between a boy and a girl

boy and girl and even a woman or a man, its always
better when you realy understand

1) you know understanding is a mighty powerful thing,
thats why it makes me so sad
when i see my friends wandering aroung thru the world
, never knowing the meaning of the word
understanding, so in the next few minutes, im gonna
try to explain just exactly what it means
now wait a minute, listen, for instance, you take me
and my old lady, we gotta good thing goin
because i know if i dont work and pay the rent and the
bills and buy her fine pretty clothes to wear well,
there are fifteen other guys just waitin round the
corner, and i dont care how much that woman loves me
, she? gonna go out and find herself one of them who
will and thats why i believe that

– repeat

2) now listen i dont want you to think that this is a
one sided affair, no no
because my old lady also understands that a man must
have respect
what i mean is, if she must play around dont let me
catch her, because what i dont see cant hurt me, you
understand? but on the other hand, if i should ever
catch her im not gonna talk about-a
and call her a bunch of bad names like you all might
no no mh
what im gonna do, im gonna go down-town to the
hardware store and buy myself a double blade axe,
come back, square off, and believe her soul? gonna
belong to the good lord
because her head? gonna belong to me, and i
guarantie she? l know what i mean when ill say

– repeat several times … (fade)

- ray charles lyrics

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