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red sovine – i didn’t jump the fence lyrics

(she’s the one got lonely i didn’t jump the fence)
mr angry neighbor yes i know just how you feel
cause i’ve been taking your fruit but don’t tell me i steal
i haven’t been in your yard my tracks ain’t on your ground
your tree hangs over my fence the nights you’re not around
i didn’t jump the fence the fruit was offered free
i couldn’t reach your apples if you just trimmed the tree
well sure i’ve held your darling but mister where’s your sence
she’s the one got lonely i didn’t jump the fence

now friend you see that little trail that runs between our home
these ain’t the shoes that wore it there the nights that you were gone
so don’t show me your anger or shout i stole a kiss
when she did all the walking i didn’t jump the fence
i didn’t jump the fence…

- red sovine lyrics

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