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remi remi kolawole – uh uh i’m gone lyrics

bring it back

bounce to my problems, uh
bounce to my problems, uh
bounce to my problems
uh huh huh
uh huh huh
uh huh huh
alright jay, let’s get this recording session started man
i’m ready, woo!
oh hold on, two seconds, it’s my girl, two seconds

[verse 1]
ring ring, it’s my girlfriend in sync
just touching base
like thundercat cat, she miss me
kisses and hugs
she asks when i’m finishing up
in the studio
i tell her
“my love, i’ll be all night here
i’ll be spending all night here
i’ve got some fly ideas,” i wrote
“in the hotels i’ve been staying in”
so you know, yeah you know

she says, “cool”
but her tone is icy cold
and that’s [?]
so i go in politely like
“baby what’s wrong?
you know i want to spread you like dijon mustard
but, not ’til i’m done
with songwriting
i’m getting busy doing my thing
even though you look so enticing
i’ve gotta rap for my finances”

she says, “that’s bogus
you’re probably playing -ss-ssin’s creed with your bros or
in someone with your clothes off
and that sh-t don’t float
that broken rubber duckies
you better get used to tugging
‘cos you won’t be getting lucky
for a while dear
nuh uh
nope, not for a while dear
i’m sick of these all nighters
hope i get to see my man”

ho ho, like harley davidson
i’m backfiring saying
“girl, it’s tiring having you
on my case
like sherlock holmes and watson
in their prime, ah!
this is my 9 to 5
how you think i’m wining and dining you?
and taking you to the drive-ins?
we’re doing this sh-t all the time
and, i don’t know why
so you should cut it out
girl you need to cut it out

she says, “i love you
for the feelings you bring
don’t give a f-ck about material things
i don’t care about your wheels
or movie reels you take me to see
i just want you next to me when i sleep
hold me tight
all night yeah
hold me tight
all night yeah”
and now she’s crying on the other side of the line

you know i feel the pressure
turn on my man, say
bounce down this session
and we can finish next week
he’s like, smh
i’m like, smd
he’s like, come on mate
stop whining
and tells me that i’m whipped
and i can’t deny it
so i roll a cigarette
then i go home to her and it’s like
“-inhale- d-mn, you got you got it bad”

- remi remi kolawole lyrics

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