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ryanito – there i go lyrics



there i go make another hit but share i won’t no no/
my cares are gone/ everyone i know been on there own so know/
i’m a king not p-wn, you can hear it in my tone when i sing this song oh oh/
cause where i’m from you either make it out or your as is done/
there i go
there i go oh oh
there i go
there i go oh oh
there i go x4


verse 1:

see we can snap/
it can happen in an instance/
the message perseverance if you wanna go the distance/
everything i say all of its encrypted/
to let you know i’m not a puppet/
none of this is scripted/
if your gifted shouldn’t matter what your image is/
long as you touch souls people wanna listen/
i apologize for music in its current position/
money corrupts the minds of men then we blinded to the mission/
i wanna take it back to my lab and reinvent it/
preach the possibilities and reap the karmic benefits/
to put it in perspective the tears that i have mended/
when moses part the sea of this beat then i descended/
i’m not a god, fifth dimension extraterrestrial/
brought back to put hip-hop on a pedestal/
when the energy blasts ohh you better move/
rayo the atlantian ain’t n-body better dude/
i’m in a better mood/
living well better food/
bettering my betterment while always making better moves/
r-y-a-n-i-t-o listen how those letters do/
descendent of a higher power acting like you never knew/



verse 2:

lyrical warfare/
reality will teach you they all scared/
its good to overcome when doubts cleared/
ive learned from the best to teach them through the experience/
near clear of it/
the only thing that we can benefit/
is unity/
everything that proves to be/
call me a legend when introducing me/
ive been slighted .. been hated and been disgraced/
to have the same enemies smile right in your face/
when all these dudes talk and say that you’re the greatest/
to others say you never been real so you debate it/
just to find out that silence becomes your weapon/
keeping yourself quiet the only way for the lesson/
i perfect it/
overcome what is corrected/
i respect it/
just clear it for many records/
doubt me if you want but notice i am the king/
telling all of my servants to never love anything/ and that’s life man


- ryanito lyrics

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