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s – end lyrics


uhh this is ahl bet dud
oh is it ahl bet dud?
i’ll frickin’ that this is ahl bet dud
ahl bet dud
uhh the first time i recorded this song
was on my ipod headphones
so we’re hoping this sounds
a little bit better than that

[verse 1]

please pause, i’m watching paw p-rn on the ipad
paddlin’ my plank so hard i got an eye patch
p-ssin’ out pamphlets with pictures of me p-ssed out
my past pickin’ up the pieces of m-ss peace outs
these meows meander through big sticks
no three outs
no bean sprouts can fend off my all out girl scouts (b-lls)
know that i’m smokin’
know that i’m jokin’
haven’t done a drug since my thin mints got stolen
tears fallin’ quicker than pins during 300 bowlin’
can’t lift a muscle
must be the pain from my past that i’m holdin’
sh-t that’s an omen
my ex playing chess keeps my oedipus complex at rest
these necks of mine
next in line
wrecked in the spine
r-ct-m spittin’ sh-t of wish-twisted minds


uhh beyoncé said that she woke up like that
no she f-ckin’ didn’t
no one looks like that when they wake up
she’s a liar
i’m calling her out

[verse 2]

i got onion ring stank breath
funyun dust dank meth
add diction thank mr. mrs. scotty mcbeth
fast food phoolays
pool noodle due dates
doobie drool drippin’ in my happy meal koolaid
i’m a cool runnings bobsled so you know i’m slick
gettin’ cash for gold hammer pants cause i think i’m rich
still drive a ’99 saturn through the galaxy
and my ex friends
yeah they’re mad at me

[outro: decor]

my clock was wound around her brow
hands down to match the sunsets frown
it fell beneath the crowd of stars alone for now
the dark astounds
she’ll come around
the night concedes the fight
i stepped outside to see the light
and all i found was

- s lyrics

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