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s3huncho – huncho bars lyrics


aye, aye
cyleeworld, gwallagang, skeegang
thf, ghe sh-t man
aye, aye

i ain’t ask n-body for nothin’, got it on my own, i felt like i was ballin’
now i’m gettin’ more money, young paid -ss n-gg-, now i feel like i’m ballin’ like spaulding
why you worried bout me, you should get you bands up, lil n-gg- quit pocket watchin’
makin’ moves yeah i’m on to something
they just hope that i fall or something
i don’t f-ck wit these n-gg-s
these n-gg-s is b-tches, they lying, they fakin’ they image
these n-gg-s snakin’ they friends, you ain’t even my homie lil n-gg-, you trippin’
got money, get money, make more won’t believe how a n-gg- is really gone flip it
big bro got it all, sh-t whatever you need you could ask he gone tell you the ticket
i’m just tryna come up, thought i told ya
money comin’ in doubles, can’t fold it
i ain’t rich, what i got yeah i own it
& i paid for it all with my own sh-t
all my n-gg-s tote heat when it’s coldest
coola kit make em’ freeze if he torchin’
ain’t no lackin’ the summers stay scorchin’
so my guys stay protected like trojans
yeah i pull up in mustang no trojan
finesse the plug for the drank yeah i’m scorin’
drop a four of the drank now i’m snorin’
& she f-cken’ wit me cause you borin’
yeah i’m paid, what i want yeah i get it
chasin’ banks, all we want is the skrilla
cylee world, for my motha f-cken’ n-gg-
long live bro ain’t n-body here realer, gang

gang, gang
man you know how it goes
cyleeworld, ceeggang, gang