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saddle club – we got style lyrics


is my eyeliner straight?
are my swimmers up to date?
i need a new cashmere purse cuz winter’s on the way
can’t leave home without a compact
lost without my makeup purse
a gr-ss stain is a tradgedy
a split seam is so much worse
the way some people dress, you just have to smile
but our taste is the best
we got style
we got style
well, i have been to europe and i’ve studied the best
a broken nail is one sure way to make a girl depressed
where do people buy their clothes, did they find them
in a ditch?
life would be much nicer if everyone was rich
just like us, mmm
come and take my photo but get me in profile
no, wait, the other side’s better
we got style
we got style

do you use that pda or is it an accessory?
you should wear green babe, it goes with envy
the camera really loves me
but not as much as you love youreslf
do you think these jeans still fit me?
put it this way, put those chocolates back on the shelf
candy kiss, lipstick, eyeliner and blush
nailfile, polish, tweasers, cuticle shaker, hairbrush
okay, i’m ready
we’ve got the best riding habits that money can’t buy
we keep a credit card handy should something catch your
we love the summer sales, we love coutiuer design
and the new season’s cuts are simply divine
sophisticated, elegant, cl-ssy, versatile
shique, moative, so entrougue
we got style
we got style
so what do you think, should i wear this on my date
no, i’d go with a pink.
a pink?!
well, blue because it goes with my eyes, so pink looks
good with yours
i don’t have pink eyes!