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safe in heaven dead – tennis girls have perfect legs lyrics


you and me will never as deep beneath as we may
believe.i’ve been staring at you through rose coated
gl-sses for far too long.
a change of taste…
you said i’d never be the same again
but if i took a guess i’d say you need me more than you
might think.
your fingers were spider legs crawling up my neck and
our lips were tidal waves on a course so sure to crash
and if you keep the lights down low i’ll get you hot
before we get home.
so carefully disregard my keepsake on the lawn-
regarded as debris; the braclet choking up your arm.
stay awake to the sound of my voice and tell me that
i’m wrong
or you’ll be remembered as a waste of letters and love
whatever’s left of me i want you to have.
[the case is hot, september’s cold.]
the wolves will give you the burial you deserve.

abandon everything.
i’ll be good enough for you
and i will run away with you.
don’t ever wonder, don’t ever worry.
(i seriously think we were cursed to have ever met.)
you saved me with permanence
and betrayed me with decadence,
it’s clearly evident, oh,
that you played me so elegantly
but the truth remains in consistent.
i found a new way to forget all about last year.
i found a new love,
she’s got that same enchanting stare.
yeah, i found a new way,
i found a temporary cure
but this isn’t over, this isn’t over yet.
you can take what you want, you can leave me behind…