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sage (au) – nosetalgia freestyle lyrics


[verse 1: sage]
you wanna see a dead body?
drowning in the quick white sands of abu dabhi
archaeology brush up uncover fossilising
layer upon layer the bones of animals that i see
as the founding fathers of the rhyming
archaeopteryx transition from dino to be flying
saur before sky writing she say it romantic
i say some roman antics
taking a belief construing by advertising
devising ways to get paid by doing mining
excavating the surface of my being
and being something more than reason
able to attach a label
e-m-i rates for models don’t have the look
emirates gun me down use their -rs-nal
power when responsible for the cover of a book
knowledge compiled under some b-tch
comish the propagation use her only to seduce
comsumer to a product know no guarantee
guarana in their tea and tell em herbal remedy
realise that we’re gua wearing a white tee
talking chimpanzee raised by social scientists
do this do that integrate were held captive
break out the cage like brother bilo
break out season like andrea pirlo
still maestro at the age of 34
still beard stroke as long as thought provoked
suffocating in the seat that i bags shotty
so phat bullet proof amour like chubb security
thats how i feel in mind and body
no insecurity got it locked down psychologically
locked down psychologically
no insecurity
chubb security

[hook: sage]
nostalgic x3
viewed my watch, time travel through it

[verse 2: d meth]
spitting wickedly a villian on the mic
rhyming tight
22’s out of sight
yeah i got it
master of the zen
bender of the flow
smackin’ hoes
leave your jaw out of place
the final boss that you will face
leader of the underworld
your favourite rapper
except on the syrup
but the syrup taint with fanta
come up out of liddy
make that sh-t sound like atlanta
but i’m charasmatic
ya’ll just f-ggots
manson minus addict
young and reckless with a chin checklist
my fist clenched
let the mic hit this
i’m right with this
rhymes of the essence
and i’m tight with this
highly -ssertive
but y’all dont know my motive
lyrics craft a motif
been so long i think the bread be getting mouldy
hop on a beat and get crafty with it
hit a thousand verses and i’m still not happy with it
i guess that’s how things go
if i can’t make it rapping i’ll just stick to the store
but as for now i’ll say whatever goes goes
sorta like peer pressure from my big bros

[hook: sage]
nostalgic x3
viewed my watch, time travel through it