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sage francis – who’s crying lyrics


i go to the water park to show off my altered c-ck
to any wh-r- in a halter top who likes to talk a lot
i force a sock into her mouth hole to keep her gums from flapping
strip her of her south pole
and bust a f-ckin’ backspin on her northface
turn this court case into a dragged out lawsuit
i’m attracted to her dad now, he’s more cute
“eyo!”, i heard the guy comes quick from hand speed
i’ma have to fertilize his stomach with my man seed
“then plant trees”, my broccoli c-ck needs watering
cry your eyes out above my rotting crotch and feed it awful things
like love and affection, right? hug the erection tight
she went down under, i fed that aussie sl-t some vegemite
i get in fights every night because of my heavy metal persona
with rapper stars but battle scars are my medals of honor
we’re rappers without a consciousness
i’ve had it with of all this pompous’ish
i’m just gonna get obnoxious with repeatedly
callin’ ya mom’s a beach b-m