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saidian – heart of stone lyrics


somewhere deep in the night i’m strandedfeels like i’m
washed on a timeless sh-r-
tell me where are the days of glory
gone away – it seems – forevermore
eye to eye – with love’s d-mnation
tell me why – it’s not in our hands to foresee
mindless crime and desperation
come falling down – i’m down on my knees
back to the ground – and now i can see
the end of my dreams

i can’t hold on to your heart of stone
don’t tell me i’m the only one
how long ’til the crime is done
how could i have known
you’ve got a heart of stone
i can feel, out there a storm is coming
in the sly clouds are drawing near
there’s a fire, raging behind the mountains
it’s time to fall all my fears
eye to eye – with love’s d-mnation
never mind – the sorrow i’m feeling inside
cold as ice – the end is awaiting