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saint on saturn – another thing lyrics


evidently, i’m a rival
the arrival of my misplaced heart
sharp like the needle in the hay, two faced
i don’t have a care for blondes or the ones
who always bring god into everything
waiting to put down a grand on a wedding ring
i am ashamed of myself, i admit it
standing ovation, prepare yourself
for this thing, and that thing, all these things
(another thing) two things, few things
(another thing) most things, no things
(another thing) no thanks, low bangs
cold ways, post race, in that case
i never think
i am everything from the bottom of the barrel
to the show stopper
p+ssy colder than a coors light
so you know i lower my tone
sеrenade the mood with thе fireflies
and the gaslighting, i’m deadly, so uninviting
i buried you alive in the pool last sunday
somehow you escaped, but that’s okay
i found my peace today, and i’m playing, man
i can’t front anymore
all they think of me, i’m a dumb little wh0re
hoe tactics, i don’t need practice
already did it all in the 6th grade
can’t ever seem to go catch a break
wooden lever, steel, the flow hatch i mistake
money moving for the sign of a funny looking
automatic pistol, at your own window, yeah
wouldn’t know if i hit you with it
cold blooded, bedwetter, i’m dizzy with it
i’m fl!cking you out of my view of sight
and i lay my head down, as i say goodnight

bend over, again, hit it from the back
massive attack, you know i use protection
and even if i didn’t i could never get her
pregnant, but ya’ll ain’t ready for that
and neither am i, so let me just
stop the cap for now
for now, now