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saint vitus – white stallions lyrics


white stallions

yesterday i saw my face
pictured in the sky
as i gazed upon myself
my whole life flashed by
i heard the sound of hoofbeats
from a thousand angry mares
before i could control my thoughts
my inner soul was theirs

white stallions
in my vein
white stallions
lord stop me
before i go insane

took me to the promised land
where everything is free
looked around and saw my friends
laughing loud at me
a great stone wall divided us
on their side was a dance
on my side was endless torture
guess i blew my chance

only time can ease the pain
the stallions left behind
tiny hoofprints on my arm
strung out in a line
wish that i could start again
and change my evil ways
trapped upon the stallion’s back
’till my dying days