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samantha fox – confession lyrics


bind my hands, i stand at the gates of h-ll
though you defy me flames, i deny you death itself
you and i make confession
i feel that rain fall down
let the rain fall
oh my god let the chains fall, as it falls i’m covered
let it all, let it all fall down
scene two
the accuser is furious
in his fake tattered gown
he’s pointing his finger, holding me down, then the light breaks
a voice speaks, “my child, this won’t last for long”
oh demon i’ve something to show you
“my son rise up now sing him your song!”
so i sing out
“look how you’ve fallen, morningstar!”
you once covered the throne in praise, you fake now look where you are
i will never bow my knee again, in sin and shame
i have witnessed your defeat, i know your schemes your games,
i have been covered in the blood of the faithful one
jesus cover me in your blood