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samiarwastaken – oyasuminasai lyrics


(ayy ayy)
look i wanna go and beat my d+ck in a sock
i wanna go and call my parents cause my game pass just dropped
and i wanna, try so sail away go across the f+cking state
tryna live in aincrad n+gga f+ck you up with with all my swordplay
dual wielding n+gga fierce as a goat
i’m slaying all these f+cking n+ggas didn’t know what was a bot
i got a b+tch she in a boat sailing feeding her all my oats
and i wanna turn it up so n+gga so play it on the aux i gotta

[verse 1]
i got your text i’m running back i’m looking for the f+cking map i gotta go and chase the rats that called me out for stacking bags
gotta go and let me in,(let me in) lemme hit and slip it in
come on baby please play with me didn’t wanna sip with him (woah)
called me while i had two 40 (40) stuck in purgatory
found his weapon now he d+cking b+tches in the laboratory
c+cking up we heating gotta go and have my glow up really wanna turn your ass into a f+cking
claimed a bag, and grabbed your ass, i got your b+tch, she in the back (yuh)
oya+sumi+nasai tell your b+tch that when i tuck her in the back
sleeping with me, did the disney, kissing on me, l!cking on the
now she with me, coming with me, nachi nachi know the sh+t my b+tch