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samvsthekids – baby boy lyrics


baby boy
august 24,1995/oh my god/baby boy/what a time to be alive/wasn’t just a child/more like living pride/of family that’s been praying like predators in the wild/oh/and now it’s time for school/but they ain’t got no money/and the rent is due/for bariga/ rent house/and house is renting you/if you don’t get with the move/then it’s time to move/
daddy ayo is zoning out/my mates are driving cars/why i got to be the only one/looking at his wife/and the standards that he living on/he don’t wanna do it/dreams be crashing like a meteor/d-mn/what’s a breadwinner to do/when he ain’t got no bread/and all he seem to do is lose/and he ain’t got no friends/all they seem to do is use/if he don’t get with the move/then i guess it’s time to move/
august 24,2011,happy birthday but he crying cus his mama is in heaven/
baby boy don’t cry/you know boys don’t cry /dry eyes look sharp
he be wearing black and black/now he feeling like a criminal/mama liked yellow/why’s all black at her funeral/
d-mn/he can’t wait to go to school/cus he heard about the freedom/and the b-tches pretty too/baby boy didn’t wild out oh no no no/didn’t party/didn’t cheat in exams/went to church every sunday/paid his offerings and the t-thes/and his life was pretty boring/baby boy lately boy was growing into a man
but daddy ayo was growing too/he got himself a job/he was moving up in the world and sure/maybe the job involved holding a gun/and some them n-gg-s innocent/why do they have to run/it’s not the job he want/but it’s the job he got/he buys his daughter some presents/his conscience rages on/he says/today is the day i quit it/he hears his daughter laughing/he knows he has a duty
baby boy never liked parties/music too loud/and the b-tches act r-t-rded/with dead upcoming artists/and he has a sad feeling/mixed with a hint of sadness/the reapers scythe has been sharpened
now he looking at his watch/and he know it’s time to go/oh no/there he goes there he goes watch him walk into the light/he hears the bullet before he feels it/he tastes the blood before he sees it/he can feel the blood slipping from his lungs/he sees the light/baby boy is now with his mum
daddy ayo took the shot/he was high as f-ck/didn’t see the guy/it was random/god/but phone rings it’s his boss/i hear about the situation oga sergeant are you involved/he say yes sir/ he was a criminal/they called him babyboy/