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sans – metaphor lyrics


[verse 1: sans]
not trying to impress, i’m trying to relate
to be honest, there’s not a lot on my plate
less busy than i appear, spend most time plotting
people seem unapproachable until you watch them
up around seven, read for three hours
then have breakfast, drink coffee, and shower
teach until the evening, maybe catch music
but most nights come home, sit alone brooding
is that impressive?
seems like a blessing
is that impressive?
still seems like a blessing

[verse 2: sans]
i been in love a few times, sorry if you’re listening
probably mad that i’m more honest on a beat than when we’re intimate
it’s not that i don’t care
it’s that so often my thoughts take me away and i’m not there
that’s not fair
insert cliche here bout love and war
we need a better metaphor cause war requires dying
tired of trying and failing
ships weren’t made for harbor, this body was made for sailing
that’s not an excuse, it’s a reason
i am the only cause of my heart’s treason
sometimes i wish i could stay
and then inspiration comes and it takes me away
that’s not an excuse, it’s an explanation
this tug of war ‘tween impulse and patience
the rope is my soul, strain at both ends
while watching partners become my old friends
[verse 3: sans]
i been in love a few times, still don’t know what love is
is it thought? action? ritual passion?
i don’t know what time is
if our memories fade, then did we really find bliss
or was it illusion, sometimes i can’t remember your smile
and it hurts me to lose it
need a better metaphor than a boat at sea
cause there’s no love near when i’m floating free