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sapph1r3 – shut up! (feat. fugal rhyme) lyrics




you must really like
the sound of your voice
but when i make you shut up
it won’t be a choice

i don’t think you wanna know
what i could do
but i wouldn’t test me
if i was you
all that smoke you talkin
ain’t gon get you anywhere
id advise that you stop
before i take it there

if you really wanna try me
you can pull up
i just really wanna let you know
what’s really up

me and fugal rhyme
we bouta make it real divine

you already know
that we never lyin

we know your scared
so we take advantage of the fact

honestly if i was you
i would step back

or go ahead and hide
cause you know we finna fight

in the day or in the night
in the rain or in the shine
it don’t matter to me

all i care about
is makin you leave forever

fugal rhyme:
yeah we finna pull up on your block
with a glock
bustin shots
you dont even know me
but i love to smoke

on the rock
on the pot
ive been hurtin
a lot
if you wanna beef then
i guess im gonna have to introduce you
to a world of pain

send you down the main drain
leave you stained
you dont even know me main
i guess im gonna make you my main victim
like crucifixion
guess i be livin
and you be dyin
you be crying
6 feet deep
with your throat
and your wrists slit
you little geek
you a creep
you a freak
so get away from me
want that beef
take it to the street
take it to the street

said that he wanted 5 guys
pulled up
and i knocked them all out
in the blink of an eye
now they all finna die

if you want beef
then dont be afraid
to just die

f+ck with me
and i swear