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saraswati - dark side lyrics


baby when you call my name
i’m just go to your home
when you say i’m your baby
i feel like a lady
and i feel so good

but when you go
and you want to be alone
i just want to cry
cause you not here anymore

baby, can’t you see your bright and your talent too?
you are the best in everything you do

when you need to be alone with your dark side
can’t you see the sunny day outside?
can’t you be mine? my baby too

your reality not match mine?
cause you’re insane inside
it doesn’t matter
if it’s wrong, i don’t wanna be right

you are my best friend too
we know the shades of blue of our minds
it’s so cool to be with you
we have fun
you’re so sweet like a bubble gum
we drink wine or coke, it doesn’t matter
smoke your weed with me and get high together

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