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sarob. – annex. lyrics



sobriquet in your stereo…
causing all hysteria
caught up in the aerial
tryna stay relaxed, soul glo like a jheri curl
ima state the facts, don’t crumble like the jericho
i ain’t have a type, baby, i ain’t workin clerical
can’t stop the rain
rap game game hot sauce, outsource ya reins
no haus; annex, alsace-lorraine
+ check the frequency
no undercover, just a freak when sees
still a brother though the chic deceives
talking bout the old sh-t but i shake the st–z
yeah, i shake the st–z
celebrate my escape when i scr-p the strait
appet-te for self-sabotage, scr-pe the plate

tell me what’s your desire
i’ll be your messiah
i’ll be there beside ya
& it goes on & on & on…