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sauce walka – sauce body lyrics



big booty b+tches walking when it’s hot outside
n+gga dead in the car on the passenger side
had a switch in his left
he was thinking of slide
he ain’t even get to pour, n+gga water them dying
grass dead in my hood, it ain’t no water outside
this a south park in the summer, where they’re really going dying
auntie arguing at the store, finna fight in the line
b+tch, they made us spill the liquor a cigarette hit the grind
yeah, n+gga getting monеy
maybach, different kinds
i could spit some punch linеs, but there’s pain on my mind
you ever seen your mamma stab a needle vein and then dying
daddy losing every job, he feels like wasting his time
we was faced to do crime
i couldn’t be no good samaritan
i’d rather be half human when you african+american treat you like a monster every room you walk they stay again
so f+ck it, i’m the boogie man
i’m buying a new coup again
my roof is in
65 bands going super+sayjian
really going margin boo, it’s black and pink flying trough
sauce got so much flavor, i made billie eilish tie my shoe
rappers losing raiders like the tummy season one and two
f+ck the views, i got b+tches clocking millions on the cruise
she ain’t riding carnival but she about to stunt a move
acrobat, flipping the captain the passenger the back was after stacks
dibble and devils, they’re dropping their numbers like rappers she paying me after that
driving no traffic, i’m riding a b+tch with a setter, that’s really my habitat
till the winter you wrestle, you still do rather we getting your soul detached
then i need a b+tch i’ll smack her ass, with no pat on, she gon’ eat all of that
clap, clap
clap, clap
blow out her bag
hate you the people, you love that sh+t for real
jump in the car with your closest k!ll
better start nine, six teen
talking too much, b+tch chill
he on a 30, big pill
he was impressed, full of that fit he ain’t on the hot spit team
talking too much, b+tch chill
trx truck, big wheels
he got a tune, how many room?
i leave a h+llcat still
she want a guy, i want the sky
i told the b+tch climb here
you wasn’t there, and you was trash, you bought them cheap+ass veneers
honey large, double ears
got some big homies on the yard, hundred years
14 years strong, not a card from his kids
think about your babies when that rod in your hands
when you really balling, you got broads in the stands
switches on them googles, wifi all never jam
pacer ain’t a chef buddy sizzling a lamb
i’m in taste but all pink k!ller cam