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schwizzle – bruh moment lyrics


this is a major bruh moment
i couldn’t find anything else to say
yeah this is a major bruh moment
chicken wings everyday
when i die in minecraft, it’s a bruh moment
when i die in roblox, it’s a bruh moment
when i punch a robloxian, bruh moment
when i punched a minecrafter, bruh moment, oh

[verse 1]
yah, yah, yah
so it’s a bruh moment when i go into the cave in minecraft
but i can’t find any freaking diamonds
it’s so annoying cause i wanna find diamonds, but i just can’t
i punch them in the face, i punched them in the face
that was off key, but the autotune will fix it wait that’s a bruh moment
i can’t sing on key
yah, yah