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schwizzle – catfish lyrics


[verse 1: keeth wit da e]
we really out here talking bout’ the scwhizzle
i’ve got some trash that i’ve got to spizzle
yeah, the trash is g-
yeah, the trash is good
so basically i met him one day
and i said bro can you please go away
you smell like garbage
and i ain’t really need to be the one to say it
but i got to be honest
i didn’t mean to go this hard on the track
but my momma said yo, you gotta come back home
cause right now, i’m with him
and i really wanna be just dissin’
and, so, that’s what i’m doin’
ayy, i got nothing else to be doing
so i’m gonna be dissin’

[bridge: keeth wit da e]
yeah he really sucks
yeah he really sucks, uh
yeah he really sucks
yeah he really sucks, uh
here we go right now
here we go, uh

[schwizzle: verse 2]
his beats are so trash
i’d rather set a dumpster on fire
and then jump into it
because they suck
they’re so bad
i hate them so much
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
they are some of the worst things i have ever heard
they have no musical sense
because all he does is play trombone
and he thinks that makes him a musical g*nius

[chorus: schwizzle & keeth wit da e]
he kinda looks like a catfish
you kinda look like a catfish
he really looks like a catfish
and it’s kinda weird
and it’s kinda weird
because he looks like a catfish (yeah)